Sunday, March 30, 2014

Messenger bag

I wanted to try a messenger style bag and had some upholestry leather that I thought would work for one for the warmer weather.   I used Arther Porter's you tube videos on how to make a messenger bag as a starting point.  This bag is unlined.

Parts of the bag in progress.

Completed bag.

Front of bag with pocket.

Back of bag with pocket.

I used a belt buckle without the tongue for my closure. The other buckles I got from a thrift store purse.

I have to be more careful with my stitching but I am really pleased with how this came together.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Long Wallet

From his years of wearing a suit, my husband prefers the long style of wallet. His is falling apart ( it's only 20 years old lol) so I decided to try and make him a new one. I found this hard to do and there are a lot of things that need improvement. I used goatskin because the leather needed to be thin and flexible. I could have done the card pockets using fabric with a leather strip at the top but I did want to make as much of it as possible with leather. Even with the thin goat, it gets bulky in the card section. This goat was really stretchy so I was unable to skive it down.

There was a discussion on about the RFID in cards so I lined some of the interior pockets with the aluminum foil tape, covered with a fabric liner. I didn't like the way that it made the leather not as smooth but hopefully it will work. I need to get better at the trimming of the leather after binding, but like all things, it probably comes with practice.